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Biztechtonics Community

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This is a fediverse-enabled community primarily for business owners, coaches, consultants, marketers, professionals, and entrepreneurs who wish to ascend to the next level, and who wish to contribute to others. Our community is also open to anyone who wants a fediverse account and is a positive influence on our community.


Administered by WisTex Techsero Ltd. Co.
Support: https://techsero.net/contact.php

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This site is powered by Hubzilla (pro)
Version 9.0.1
Project homepage: https://hubzilla.org


This website uses themes, addons, and widgets from Neuhub.
Version 2.5
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  • Federated and decentralised networking and identity services provided by Zot: (https://zotlabs.org).
  • Remote authentication provided by: OpenWebAuth (https://magicsignon.org).
  • Additional federated transport protocols: Activitypub
For more information on how these technologies work together, visit FederatedHub.org.

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