Description: Upcoming Training Dates and Times for Various Programs
Description: Entrepreneur, Technical Writer, Researcher. Helping people embrace life's opportunities.™
Location: Texas
About: I am an entrepreneur, small business owner, author, and researcher. I am also working on an open source project called Neuhub.

I am posting from Hubzilla with Neuhub via ActivityPub.
Description: Random posts with art, images, photos, and more.
Description: Just some random reposts. Usually memes, photos, humour, and more.
Description: Fediverse news related to Decentralized Social Media, Fediverse-enabled Forums, Nomadic Identity, Remote Authentication, Hubzilla, Streams, ActivityPub, OpenWebAuth, and more.
Description: Maybe the world could be a better place....
About: Random posts about the state of the world and how we could make the world a better place.
Description: This is a public forum you can use for testing Neuhub themes.
Description: Updates and announcements that affect the Biztechtonics community, such as notifications about maintenence and site upgrades.

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